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UPSA Film and Politics: Milk

UPSA Film and Politics: Milk

Join us on 1 February for a viewing and discussion of the movie Milk. The movie (2008) tells the story of Harvey Milk, who campaigned for gay rights and in 1976 became the first openly gay politician to hold major public office in California. A few years later, he was assassinated. After viewing the movie, we will hear from an eminent panel of scholars whose research connects to themes in the movie: Associate Professor Emma von Essen (sociology, Uppsala University); dr Michal Grahn (politics, UU); dr Sandra Håkansson (politics, UU); and Dr Ylva Moberg (Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University).

Time and Place: Ostrom Hall, Östra Ågatan 19, Uppsala (4th floor), 1 February, 17.00. The event is free of charge. Sandwiches (vegetarian and vegan), light snacks and drinks will be served. To help us plan refreshments, indicate intent to participate (not binding) through this link. Sign-up is not mandatory, but please note that space is limited. 

The event is organized by Uppsala Political Science Association in collaboration with the research project ”Still segregated? Temporal and intersectional analysis of the residential, occupational and political segregation of sexual minorities in Sweden”, led by Michal Grahn.


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